Fishy Fish Immigrants

In 2011 I first posted about the rampant mislabeling (a.k.a. bait & switch) of fish based on numerous scientific studies.  Scary given that the U.S. imports approximately 90% of its seafood; 20% to 32% of wild-caught from questionable resources. Good news: We are slowly cleaning up our seafood supply chain.

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I would like to share an update on some of the progress the U.S. has made recently as it pertains to seafood supply chain:

  • President Obama just signed the Port State Measures Agreement.  Officials are empowered to prohibit port entry/services for foreign vessels suspected of illegal fishing.
  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced earlier in the year their plan for an improved tracking/reporting system for catch to market.
  • There has been a plethora of complaints filed by major trade unions and the United Nation’s addressing imported seafood produced by forced slave labor, specifically in Southeast Asia.  Legislation passed by Congress is awaiting President Obama’s signature.

Fishy fish immigrants!  Do you know where the fish you eat comes from?

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