Never Solo

Blink:                                                                                                                                                A recent Hartman Group newsletter featured an article titled “Evolving Trend In Eating Occasions: All By Myself.”  Their research indicates nearly half (46 percent) of all adult eating occasions are completely alone.  Are they?  Not quite!  Every time I witness someone eating solo they are surgically attached to their smartphone.

Read On:                                                                                                                                         The Hartman Group report detailed solo eating by the numbers.  Breakfast is the meal most people (53 percent) eat alone.  The numbers of solo eating for snacking are considerably higher than any meal daypart, especially early and mid-morning.  They then analyzed seven key attitudes and/or behaviors behind eating alone.  Number one?  Respondents (43 percent) indicated: when I eat alone, I can catch up on reading or watching TV programs I like.  Further down the list, 18 percent of the respondents indicated: I eat alone to multi-task better.

Given approximately 190 million Americans own smartphones (comScore March 2015), I recommend Hartman revise their study and document how many people eat with their smartphones.  More specifically, what percentage are connecting in real time to someone via their social networking platforms.

When was the last time you ate solo without your smartphone?



5 thoughts on “Never Solo

  1. If I am eating alone, I do have my smartphone, but not to connect with another person. The smartphone has replaced my carrying a magazine or newspaper as I used to do before smartphones. In that regard, nothing has changed for me except the expansive access to reading material my smartphone gives me.


  2. This morning! Great post Jimmy. I definitely agree that more and more American’s multi-task while they are eating.


  3. I’m uncomfortable eating alone at a restaurant (especially at dinner). I’m not sure what this says about my self esteem. But I must admit I spend quality time catching up on the news via my phone when I do dine alone.


  4. My apologies everyone. Still getting familiar with this platform. All your view points make sense. I rarely eat solo, but when I do, sans phone and I belly up to the bar since it gives me the opportunity to engage live. I like my adult beverages too!


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