No Bad Ideas

Blink:                                                                                                                                           Currently my company is working on a new geo-location technology project.  The end result would be increased volume for the participants, as well as consumer data documenting purchasing behavior.  Everyone I talk to has expressed interest in participating in a test, but…………

Read On:                                                                                                                                        Jimmy, I am interested, but:

  • “I must warn you that the management company is really stodgy.”
  • “It is really tough to get our IT department to implement something new.”
  • “Thanks for reaching out. We’re all set for now.” 

Yes, unfortunately the red flags have surfaced on my project.  I attribute them to the “status quo bias,” the spine of my blog post dating back to June 2009: The Waiting Place People/organizations, tend not to change an established behavior unless the incentive to change is compelling.  Consequently status quo is less risky.  Except for those organizations that embrace disruptive innovation (e.g., Netflix).

Referencing my 2009 post:  Stay away from the status quo, experiment and enjoy the places you will go.

There are no bad ideas!    



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