Pearls of Wisdom


Recently I read an interview with Edward Dolman, Chairman and CEO of Phillips international auction house (contemporary art).  Below are some pearls of wisdom about leadership and management that resonated for me I would like to share these gems with my readership.  An early Christmas gift!

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Question: Who was the biggest influence in your life?  Answer: My mother, who was fiercely feminist, both tough and compassionate, taught me big lessons.  She never accepted the rigors of a rigid society and did not believe in the status quo.  She instilled in me an independent way of thinking and the desire to challenge the status quo despite criticism by those who cling to it.” 

Question: What makes a great leader?  Answer: “Great leaders inspire a different level of belief and support by their teams.”

Question: What would you tell a young person starting out?  Answer: “Always look for the path less traveled.  Have the confidence to take the path others may not view as the right one.  That is what disrupters do; deliberately look to do things differently.”

“The Obstacle is the Path.” – Zen Proverb

1 thought on “Pearls of Wisdom

  1. Jimmy,
    Do you and Edward Dolman share the same mom? His description sounds just like Eleanor! Thank you for the early gift! Great post.

    Best, Jan


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