E Word: Execution


Happy New Year!  Time to move on with business.  More importantly observe the outcomes of the soothsayers’ 2017 food industry predictions – global flavors, clean labeling, hybrid products (e.g., Cronuts), etc.  Some organizational experts (a.k.a. consultants) are calling for businesses to embrace the T-word: Transformation.  Why make business sound so complex? 

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Candidly I understand and value the annual National Restaurant Association survey for the top food, beverage and culinary concepts that will shape 2017.  However, I find it difficult to digest all the prophecies written by consultants about the data-analytics revolution, digital personalization and inclusive economic growth engines.  An example of one expert’s spin: “At the end of the day, we believe companies need to fundamentally design a comprehensive dashboard of elements that will create and capture value for tomorrow – new revenue streams at re-engineered cost structures.”  What?  English!  English!

Wouldn’t the above statement be more intelligible if it read: “We believe companies just need to execute!”  Why worry about getting everyone in your organization from the C-suite to the people that manage the mailroom marching to the tune of the T-word: transformation?  Why does your organization have to obsess about making thorough or disruptive changes?  What if everyone in your organization was energized to execute the basics and march to the tune of execution – “What can I do a little better today than I did yesterday.” 

My recommendation: This new year is a good time to exercise the E-word: Execution.  Think about how great your organization will be in 1,000 plus days – 2020!

Execution!  Execution!  Execution!



4 thoughts on “E Word: Execution

  1. Great post. I am also in favour of the E word “Execution”. Let’s not just talk about transformation and keep hanging in the architecture phase. Let’s start building. We will run into problems along the road, but we’ll come up with solutions & improvements! Happy & Healthy work year 2017!


  2. So true. I think back to the timeless Nike call to action – Just Do It! If we all just did it, our bodies and our businesses would be as tight as bass drums. Gotta do it!


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