A Paper Trail


I was walking through Independence National Historical Park yesterday, when I thought I spotted a Euro bill among the leaves.  Not so lucky!  Instead it turned out to be an admission ticket to the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles; dated 2012 not 2017!  Made me wonder!

Read On:

  • How did this ticket find its way to Philadelphia?  First class?  Coach?  A classic cross country road trip?
  • Who dropped the ticket in the park?  A Californian, a native Philadelphian, a foreign tourist?
  • When did it get here?  Within the month?  Back in 2012 when the ticket was originally issued?  No way – the park’s maintenance crew does occasionally attend to the leaves.
  • Maybe the ticket had been in someone’s spring coat they hadn’t worn in years, they found it in their pocket and tossed it.  Better yet, did their spring coat still fit?

So many unanswered questions, but every piece of paper has a trail.  Think about it!

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