Social Listening – Part Two


Earlier this week I addressed the impact social media has had on consumerism.  Today I want to share some insight how social media has impacted geo-politics and created global negativity.

Read On:

There is an official list of real world issues compiled by the United Nations – terrorism, racism, human rights, disease, climate change, etc.  Recently the SOAS University of London analyzed the number of tweets for these topics, more than 150 million in 2016.  By the numbers, 88 percent of the recorded tweets (152.9 million) contained negative words or had an overall negative tonality; 7 percent were either neutral or context related; only 5 percent were positive.  The number one discussion topic was society (60 percent), followed by the environment (slightly less than 20 percent).

Their overall conclusion: Social media has become an important destination for reading, and aggregating news; people are interested and engaged in current events.  However, there is a rise of negativity that might reflect a lack of optimism around the world.

Are you listening today?

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