Food Waste (a.k.a. Garbage) Diversion


I have expressed my concerns regarding food waste, thus praise innovative solutions to reducing America’s food waste – the last time was LeanPath and their leader Andrew Shakman back in 2015.  Today I would like to address the successful trends in the food-waste diversion industry.

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An innovative solution that is gaining momentum is known as food-waste diversion, converting what is considered waste (e.g., spent grain the byproduct of brewing beer, juice pulp, ugly fruit, etc.) into viable food products (e.g., snacks, jams, etc.).  ReFED, a non-profit coalition recently released some food-waste diversion data which revealed that only 11 companies existed in 2011; currently there are 64 established companies.  Overall these enterprises have diverted thousands of pounds of waste that normally goes to landfills, a major source of greenhouse emissions.  Note: It is estimated that 63 million tons of food are wasted per year in the U.S.

Food-waste (a.k.a. garbage) diversion is a starting point.  Do you have any innovative food waste stories to share?



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