Intercept Marketing 2.0


The original concept of intercept marketing was to provide products/services to capture incremental sales in locations your consumers frequented during their daily routines– FedEx drop boxes, Godiva chocolate bars at Macy sales counters, etc.  Get ready for intercept marketing 2.0.

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Intercept marketing 2.0 will be the utilization of app partnering for complementary brands.  The Weather Channel app is the latest app to integrate complimentary services (e.g., Uber, Groupon, Caviar, etc.) next to their weather forecasts using location-based context.  Weather affects everyone as they plan their daily activities.  Stormy weather forecasted, an Uber button will appear so you can schedule a ride.  Sunny, 75° weather forecasted, a Groupon button appears for local beer garden specials targeting thirsty guests.

Intercept marketing 2.0; smart marketing!



1 thought on “Intercept Marketing 2.0

  1. I continue to be amazed by marketing progress utilizing digital methods. It is so intuitive and I find myself asking, why didn’t I think of this?


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