Good Thinking


In May I posted Food Waste (a.k.a. Garbage) Diversion.  Specifically, a new class of companies in the food waste innovation sector who are converting landfill waste into viable food products (e.g., snacks, jams, etc.).  Below are two new solutions that I would like to highlight.

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  • Vegetable and Fruit Trim – Baldor, a specialty food distributor out of the Bronx in New York, after washing, chopping and packaging their vegetables, they bag all the leftovers and sell them to chefs to use in stocks and sauces. Fruit scraps are sold to cold-pressed juice manufacturers, plus those that are not considered edible for human consumption (e.g., cantaloupe rinds) are converted to animal feed.
  • wastED Pop-Ups – A community of renown chefs organized by chef/activist Dan Barber back in 2015 served dishes composed entirely of ingredients destined for garbage in his NYC restaurant. This year, Dan took the wastED pop-up concept to the rooftop of a department store in London (2/28 – 4/2) collaborated with chefs throughout UK and Europe to cook with “ugly vegetables”, vegetable pulp, beef tallow, skate cartilage and waste-fed pigs.

Imagine, garbage diversion, an innovative food waste prevention solution doubling as a fine dining experience.  Good thinking!

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