Porch Pirates


How excited were you leaving work yesterday to get home to try on your new Rubie’s Jurassic World T-Rex Inflatable Costume for Halloween delivered via Amazon Prime, only to find out it is not on your doorstep and you have fallen prey to the neighborhood porch pirate!

Read On:

Fact: Approximately 23 million Americans have had one package stolen from their home.  In response to these brazen porch pirates, police in some communities are utilizing bait packages with GPS trackers to catch the criminals.  Amazon is testing two technology based delivery solutions; smart license plates so deliveries can be made to your car’s trunk and smart home locks so packages can be dropped off in-home.

Beware of Porch Pirates 2.0.  They will figure out how to circumvent technology based delivery solutions so they can still tap into the flourishing e-commerce business.

What are you planning to wear for Halloween?  How about a porch pirate costume?



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