Yesterday while I was on hold waiting to talk to a customer care specialist for Cigna (my medical insurance provider), I thought about the following:  We live in a world dominated by convenient products/services to counterbalance our busy lifestyles.  However, how much time do I spend waitingJust waiting!

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Detailed below is my waiting list:

  1. Computer tech support.
  2. IRS.
  3. Cable TV.
  4. Waiting for my reservation/table at a popular restaurant.
  5. Standing in line at a movie theater or for a ticketed art museum exhibit.
  6. Doctors’ appointments.
  7. DMV.
  8. The post office (USPS).
  9. TSA security lines at the airport.
  10. Friends!!

What’s on your list?

4 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Jimmy, greetings from beautiful Oklahoma, where I can’t wait to carve that well-cooked Turkey..Kahlil Gibran writes:”We live only to discover beauty,all else is a form of waiting”..


  2. Of course there’s the cashier and returns line. As for the doctor’s office, it’s amazing how waiting time consistently varies by geography; 1 to 3 hours past appointment time in FL excepting dentists where one is consistently seen on time, minimal for all medical specialties in NJ, ID and N CA.


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