Over the Top


In my 2011 post titled The Missing App – The Personal Touch, I questioned whether society had lost its personal touch.  However, I still believe there are exceptions to the norm.  Amtrak employee, Kevin Marshall is one of those people who practices the value of the personal touch.

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Recently Mom and I went to Washington D.C.  We decided to take Amtrak versus experiencing the parking lot on I-495 (the Capital Beltway) and taking out a loan to pay for hotel parking in DuPont Circle.  On the way back to Philadelphia, when I went up to the counter to purchase our tickets, Kevin Marshall the ticket counter customer service specialist, after viewing my Mom’s ID (age 97), said wait a minute.  Unsolicited, he put on a jacket, stepped out from behind the counter, got a wheel chair and wheeled my Mom onto our train directly to her seat.  Over the top – the personal touch!

When was the last time you experienced an over the top customer service experience?

2 thoughts on “Over the Top

  1. Surprisingly (to me) at Walmart auto – twice.
    1) Guy at service counter, instead of just telling me where to pick up my online tire order for installation, he walked me to the pickup area. When the attendant said she it hadn’t yet arrived, the service counter guy went to the unloading dock and pulled them from pallet, under lots of other recently-delivered stuff.
    2) Store manager paid for lost hubcap with no inquiry. For some reason, the hubcap ALWAYS comes off one of the four wheels within the first five-minutes of travel following its re-attachment unless a special tool is used to secure it; the need for the tool is unique to my Infiniti’s model year. When I forget to check at the service garage following tire rotation, etc., it gets lost. Except for this one event (it’s happened four times), the garage makes me jump through hoops to prove it’s their fault. One time they refused the $50 reimbursement despite my having paid $2,000 for repairs there. Walmart took the hubcap receipt and gave me cash, no questions asked.


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