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I have posted numerous times about food waste, the last titled Good Thinking.  Beyond food, the global challenge is Zero Waste, a visionary philosophy – the redesign of sustainable resources.  All products are reused.  The most recent Zero Waste innovation I learned about is Feel Iceland.

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Founder & CEO, Hrönn Margrét Magnúsdóttir observed how her father-in-law, a fisherman of Viking decent, utilized his catch from the ocean.  She was amazed how much of the fish byproducts were thrown away.  Her mission was born; she was determined to create more value for the fish caught by Iceland’s fisherman.  Via research, along with other ingredients from the waters surrounding Iceland, she created a line of food supplements and skin care products that would make people feel good.  Two examples:

  • A collagen powder made from Icelandic fish skin and amino acids that helps conserve the youthfulness (elasticity) of skin. Just mix the powder into your favorite smoothies, tea or the beverage of your choice.
  • An anti-aging skin serum made with a high concentration of marine enzymes and Feel Iceland’s collagen powder.

Feel Iceland, an innovative example of utilizing the precious sustainable resources of our planet.

1 thought on “Innovative Byproduct

  1. I remember how my mom, when she had unwrapped the butter, utilized an old bread knife and scraped every last visible .001 mg. of the butter from the wrapping paper.Also would she never empty an egg without prying the inside of the shell completely empty with her finger.Just a small example of things we just don’t see anymore,I agree Iceland is an example for all to follow,I have to put a plug in for my native Netherlands, they can teach us a thing a thing or two on recycling too.Happy Holidays and a Healthy 2018 to all.


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