“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”  Frank Zappa

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Early morning Christmas Eve day I went to Macy’s to buy a duffel bag.  The store was completely dead despite all the discounted merchandise.  I was surprised given all the positive holiday sales forecasts I had read.  However, I was aware that a significant amount of growth was going to be a result of increased online sales versus a year ago (approximately 18%).  Bottom-line: I was experiencing the overall inertia of retail brick & mortar.  Reminded me of a line I once read in Fast Company magazine: equilibrium, status quo is the precursor to stagnation.

Deviation (noun): The action of departing from an established course or accepted standard.

Are you prepared to deviate from the norm in 2018?



9 thoughts on “Deviation

  1. Jimmy: Happy New Year

    You are correct and as your definition eloquently points out, “equilibrium” does not necessarily imply stasis. Moving forward as you’ve always done is also a form of equilibrium. This is what private equity is finding in its pursuit of outlet expansion (I’d refer to this as “equilibrium” because they’ve been doing it for years) which leads to overcapacity and ultimately disappointment. They need to deviate from the norm.



  2. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein
    So spot on, especially as it applies to retail.

    I am prepared to deviate from the norm in 2018!


  3. We have a saying here “Business as usual isn’t Usual anymore.” The pace of multi-dimensional change today is truly incredible, leaving some caught up in the vortex of all that activity. They might feel like they’re experiencing movement, but it’s just spinning in place until, like the proverbial cow flying out of the top of the tornado, the marketplace spits you out!


  4. HI Jimmy, Happy New Year to you and all our Colleagues!
    I love reading your posts, but don’t respond much, since everyone is quite versed in covering the various topics.

    SOOOO!!! As an early Deviant (meant to be funny) I enjoyed much success, but as we all know deviation takes on much risk— (what if you choose the wrong road?) Aye, but there’s the rub, for in that deviant path what riches/losses (+/-) may lie… Soooo, there could be consequences, hence (Pareto’s Rule, 80/20 ) 80% don’t deviate!


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