Tharp’s Wisdom


Last week I pointed out the need to deviate from the norm to advance progress.  Sometimes creative innovation is a byproduct of deviating from the norm.  Renown modern choreographer Twyla Tharp’s classic The Creative Habit offers remarkable wisdom about creative innovation.

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Tharp believes that creativity is not just a result of challenging the status quo and deviating from the norm, but rather an act of defiance.  She stresses the need for creative people to question accepted truths and principles.  Don’t always conform to the established rules.  Do things differently!  Furthermore, in the creative process according to Tharp, there has to be an act of destruction or abandonment.  Consequently, something has to be cast aside to make way for the new.

Can you subscribe to doing things differently?  If so, creative innovation will follow.

2 thoughts on “Tharp’s Wisdom

  1. Doing things differently… not conforming… destruction and abandonment… sounds exciting. Elon Musk? Donald Trump? Oprah?


    • IMAGINING that deviating from the norm will open different pathways is EASY, yet, defiant ACTION is HARD (at least for me, and, in my opinion, why relatively few truly defiant people come to mind). I will work on the HARD part of advancing progress, by being more defiant, in 2018. Thanks for the inspiration to act on this wisdom, Jimmy and contributors!


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