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Food & beverage companies are being pressured to make public accountable disclosures about where their products were harvested, manufactured and distributed for sale.  Eventually Blockchain technology will be utilized to assist in this process.  Introducing Block Bird’s, the world’s first transparent chicken.

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New food and beverage products were on display earlier this week at the 2018 Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco.  One innovative concept was a hi-tech grocery store called The Future Market, a pop-up store that featured six futuristic products.  One product that piqued my interest, was Block Bird chicken sourced from several Midwestern small farms.  Verified by Blockchain technology, the entire journey of their chickens to the grocery store is documented and visible on the front label of their packages.  Block Bird’s label includes hatchery (egg) information, starting weight, ending weight, the type of feeds consumed, as well as the health and handling of each bird.

Being in the food business, I respect how today’s consumers are more knowledgeable about the food and beverages they consume, thus demanding label transparency.  However, at what point is the complete and total transparency overload provided by food & beverage companies TMI for consumers to fully grasp?

TMI Thought: “Everyone gets so much information all day long they lose their common sense.” – Gertrude Stein (American Writer)  

5 thoughts on “TMI Chicken

  1. My thought is that this is a good thing. If a consumer wishes to know this info, he/she reads it. If he/she does not, they don’t read it. No? Either way, the fact that someone is creating this concept only goes to show the consumer is changing.


  2. Jim, you are on the leaning edge. Always the Thinker! I agree, TMI right now. It would be interesting to see if we can apply block chain technology to how food products impact a persons metabolism and health once consumed. If this is possible than going the extra mile like Block Bird may indeed be a great thing for a consumer looking for the greatest positive health impact. I feel like AI programs being used for facial recognition, which identify moods and monitor thoughts could also monitor the nutritional impact of the foods we eat. The old axiom, garbage in equals garbage out may apply here. Block chain technology may help identify and link the impact the Block Bird, or animal animal raised for consumption has on the environment by measuring water intake, food intake, waste, transportation, processing, and ultimately the energy associated with each input. It will be interesting to see if block chain technology can help identify the true cost of animal protein or any food product for that matter.


  3. Definitely TMI for me. Transparency is one thing; traceability is another. I believe most consumers would be impressed that a company would HAVE those tools and the ability to determine the “flight” of the bird to their tables, but I don’t believe they need or, more importantly, want, such detail when they buy chicken… especially if it meant they could save $$ off the $10.99 price point.


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