“The less of routine, the more life.”  Amos Bronson Alcott (Philosopher/Teacher)

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Does this routine sound familiar?  You get up, race to get ready for work, commute, eat a breakfast snack with your Starbucks coffee before your first meeting because you skipped breakfast, meetings, meetings, meetings, etc.  Lunch at your desk.  Reverse commute, stop at the gym because you subscribe to a healthy lifestyle, stop at the grocery store to pick up some staples (e.g., toilet paper, Diet Coke, a box of Kind bars, etc.), plus something to nuke for dinner.  Once you arrive at home you check your social platforms, watch a special on Netflix while you eat your reheated dinner, engage with your significant other who just got home from their daily routine, before one more round of exercise (stretching) and then crash.

Spontaneity: The condition of being spontaneous; perform or experience a sudden impulse or inclination without premeditation or external stimulus.

Spontaneity!  Try it!  Live a little!


2 thoughts on “Spontaneity

  1. I think you need a mix of routine (so that your life has some structure and you don’t have to waste time thinking about minor alternatives) and spontaneity (to keep your mind active, to complete your life and to make you an interesting person)


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