Knowledgeable Associates


Earlier in the month I posted Breakfast at Tiffany’s, specifically the company’s objective to create a modern luxury experience.  Leveraging technology to deliver the ultimate customer experience has been a driving force behind the overall growth of retail sales.  Neiman Marcus also recognizes the power of knowledgeable in-store associates.

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The National Retail Federation forecasts retail sales will increase this year 3.8% to 4.4% over last year.  Included in their overall projection for robust growth are on-line and other non-store sales increasing between 10% to 12%.  Current technology enables retailers to aggregate data/information about the consumption habits of their consumers.  However, it is imperative for brick & mortar retailers to train in-store staffs on how to utilize all the available technology.  Accordingly, sales associates will employ more interaction with their customers to guide them through the buying journey.

Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus, in its pursuit of being a digital first leader, continues to invest in proprietary clientele management tools on their company issued smartphones (iPhone app).  In addition to tapping into customer data (preferences and behavior), sales associates have the ability to provide direct engagement – an unequaled personalized customer experience.

Retailers, are you investing in associates in the know?

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