Future Communal Work Spaces


Office spaces globally are transforming to meet the needs of how Millennials and the generation following them, Gen Z, will work, live and play.

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The blueprint of future communal work spaces is to bring people together in the work environment.  Two cutting-edge examples are as follows:

  • WeWork – Founded in 2010, the company has built a global network of 212 shared, communal work spaces. Co-founder, CEO Adam Neumann’s mantra: “Create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living.”  In addition to shared office spaces (desks in common areas, private rooms), their latest project in Brooklyn, New York will include a regular bar, a juice bar, restaurants, a gym, an outdoor basketball court, as well as potentially dry-cleaning services and a hair salon.
  • Roam – The company, now operating in four cities (Miami, Tokyo, London and Ubud, Bali), is a prototype of the nomad hubs popping up around the world. Specifically, they cater to people (e.g., entrepreneurs, free-lancers, programmers, etc.) who travel the world while working remotely from the Internet.  “Roamies” (a.k.a. digital nomads) rent a sparse bedroom complete with its own bathroom (starting at $500 a week) and have unlimited access to all communal areas – wired coworking spaces (24/7), a shared kitchen (food not included) and laundry room.  Some of their facilities have a pool and a yoga studio.

Are you ready to join a future communal work space?

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