“Change is frightening to people who lack resilience, but those who embrace it, usually find that they land on their feet and that fosters resilience.”  – Robert Brooks and Sam Goldstein (“The Power of Resilience”)

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How true!  Recently, I questioned when I read in the Well section of the International New York Times, all the books that are flooding the market guiding parents to better cultivate their children’s emotional resilience (a.k.a. life’s ups and downs).  To name a few titles: “The Yes Brain,” “The Good News About Bad Behavior,” “The Book of No: 365 Ways To Say It and Mean It,” “How to Raise an Adult,” etc. 

Definition: resilience (noun) – an ability to recover from or adjust to misfortune or change.  My query:  Is resilience something you can actually teach your children?  Or is resilience something one develops over the passage of time owing to experience?  Examples: broken relationships, career turbulence, an unexpected illness, death of a significant other, etc.

“Life must be understood backwards; but… it must be lived forwards.”  – Sören Kiekegaard (Danish philosopher)


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