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As a member of the SMRA (Social Media Research Association), I am their advocate for influence marketing (two guest posts):  The ongoing debate?  Should marketers utilize macro or micro influencers?  I have concluded when it comes to pop culture, the key is to find a macro influencer.

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American actress Meghan Markle, soon to be a member of the British royal family upon her marriage to Prince Harry, has exploded into a British fashion icon thanks to a photograph taken of her last September in Mother distressed jeans and sporting a Everlane tote bag.  Note: For the record she has deleted all her social media accounts.  However, every fashion statement she now makes circulates around the world exponentially.

Ms. Markle’s fashion influence by the numbers:

  • Mother experienced a 200 percent increase to their website; a 60 percent increase in Google searches versus the same period the prior year. The company sold out their inventory in 3 days and cultivated a waiting list of 400 people.
  • Everlane reported they now have a waiting list of 20,000 people for the tote bag she carried.
  • At her first post-engagement appearance, the Strathberry bag she carried sold out in 11 minutes and website traffic to the bag’s manufacturer (Scottish) soared 5,000 percent.

Fashion industry analysts believe Meghan projects the image of a modern woman with an undemanding idea of luxury.  Consequently, young women gravitate towards her fashion statements.

As I continue to research influence marketing, when it comes to pop culture (e.g., fashion), macro influencers deliver the robust numbers.  Food marketers need to take notice and find their circle of macro influencers.  Example: White Castle should find a celebrity (e.g., professional athlete) eating their new Impossible Foods high-tech veggie burger.

Show me the macro influencers!

1 thought on “Influence Marketing

  1. Great premise but tread carefully. Unless you are fortunate enough to catch someone in the natural and Public act of enjoying your product, Influencers are not cheap, and even in the latter situation you can expect a lawyer or agent to come knocking with their hand out if they see you making money off their implied endorsement. Second, today’s prized athlete or celebrity might be tomorrow’s hashtag. The fallout can be devastating to a brand associated with controversy. Buckle up… it can be an exciting and bumpy ride!


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