Garbage Diversion Update – Part Two


In my last post, I disclosed a unique garbage diversion futuristic concept, an innovative model for sustainable aquaculture. Today I am going to review a Tyson Innovation Lab consumer snack product that was developed in only six months.

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Yappah!, a snack launched via crowdfunding in select markets signals a new approach by Tyson. For starters, the protein crisps were designed by a select/lean innovative team in a five-day process comparable to how technology companies develop software. A first in new product development for a CPG company. In addition, the product represents Tyson’s goal to launch more sustainable products. The snack is made from upcycled white chicken breasts, rescued vegetables and spent malt barley, a byproduct of beer brewing. It is packaged in fully recyclable tin cans. Bottomline, Yappah! embodies a food waste solution better known as garbage diversion.

The global food loss and waste challenge from production through retail and consumption is far reaching. Garbage diversion is an innovative baby step in the right direction.

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