Psychographic Profiling


Conventional marketers utilize demographic categorization when targeting consumers. In today’s collaborative world of Web 2.0, thanks to social media, smart marketers are currently identifying/targeting social individuals (a.k.a. brand advocates) who have influence over potential buyers. What’s next? The new world of Psychographic Profiling.

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Thanks to mobile technology, marketers can benefit from the expansion of data captured at the numerous consumer technology touch points – transactional purchasing behavior/history, apps, geo-location, etc. Consequently, smart marketers are in stronger position to identify and engage with their target audience via relevant, real time marketing communications. The advent of 5G, the next generation of mobile broadband, will enhance consumer targeting. 5G connections will deliver greater data capacity (instant computing power) and speed than previous generations – 1,000 the data rate of 4G. Consequently, marketers will be able to utilize psychographic profiling thanks to their ability to crunch data in nanoseconds to identify their audience.

Future food industry psychographic profiling buckets:

  • Lifestyles (e.g., “on-the-go”) – Snacking behavior, convenience foods preferences, beverage consumption.
  • Situational Eating Behavior – Location and time of day consumers buy food.
  • Health vs. Indulgence – Special diet needs, labeling knowledge, over the top eating experiences.
  • Social Values – Make the world a better place – sustainability, responsible sourcing, etc.

Are you prepared for psychographic profiling, the next challenge for identifying/targeting consumers?



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