Playground 2.0


When was the last time you visited a playground and watched children cavort: discover the playground’s equipment, engage with their peers and utilize their imaginations to create games? Real-world fun! Heads-up: Thanks to technology, get ready for Playground 2.0.

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Recognizing parents are concerned children are spending too much time fixed on their digital screens and not enough time outdoors being active, Biba, a Vancouver company, has created digital gameplay for playgrounds. Parents can download on their smartphones Biba’s suite of augmented reality, imagination-driven, mobile playground games to play with their children (ages three to nine). All they have to do is swipe Biba’s app on playground tags that do not require electricity or Wi-Fi, located in more than 3,600 playgrounds globally. Biba’s futurist concept placed number 9 on Fast Company Magazine’s Most Innovative Companies category.

My apologies, unless I am missing something, it still sounds like parents are going to have a difficult time controlling their children’s digital habits.

Franklin D. Roosevelt once advocated: “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” 

1 thought on “Playground 2.0

  1. First, I haven’t seen many open playgrounds around anymore, and second, I didn’t know playground data (which I found on Biba’s website) was a “thing”. I thought it was about play “dates”, not play data. Sounds a little creepy… it’s bad enough parents have to worry about perverts at parks, now Big Brother is hanging out there too!


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