Playground Lessons


I recently posted an article on LinkedIn titled The Creative Process. If you want to observe a spontaneous level of creativity, go to a playground and watch children play. Playgrounds are a blank canvas for their imaginations to flourish/grow. There are no boundaries in a playground environment.

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Children play to better learn about the world around them and how best to connect with other people (peers, family members). They have a strong desire to learn, thus use the playground as a transformative environment – create imaginative narratives, explore, test their physical skills, etc. I first introduced the subject of playgrounds back in May Playground 2.0. Detailed below are more things I have learned observing children play:

  • Children’s drive to learn is the mainstay of everything they produce. Consequently, it is what makes them creators of innovative ideas, stories and physical constructions. Observe how they interact/engage with their peers (a.k.a. make belief).
  • Spontaneity rules! Watch how they navigate and cavort the playground equipment. Blame it on their short attention spans, but they have no plans, they just want to explore.
  • Exploration of multiple solutions is part of their DNA. The next time you are in a playground take note of the number of children that go down the slide the proper way and then try to go back up the improper way.

Lessons: Earlier in the month I posted Lessons from a Top Winemaker. Today Playground Lessons. Do you have any 2019 lessons you would like to share?

Bonne Année!

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