AIS (Aggregating Information Syndrome)


Remember in science class testing the solubility of sugar in water until reaching the limit when grains appeared at the bottom of the glass? In today’s digital world, I have learned that I reach a saturation point where I am no longer retaining information because I am experiencing AIS.

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I typically allocate 90 minutes to two hours for my daily online digital run knowing I will reach a saturation point I interpret as AIS (Aggregating Information Syndrome), the point I am no longer retaining information. No mas, no mas! Time to get off line. This past Friday, I experienced AIS in less than one hour. A new record!

I started with my daily Twitter review. All the people I am following are organized into lists by topics of interest. I decided to check out the most recent tweets on seaweed, a future food category I am bullish about. Found some interesting seaweed content posted by Doctor Seaweed, leader of a company out of Scotland I just started following this year. Great articles on the health benefits of kelp, specifically iodine. Liked and retweeted (a.k.a. Twitter engagement) both articles to seaweed connections. Next, thanks to a non-profit out of Maine funding startups, I learned Sweetgreens collaborated with celebrity chef David Chang and launched a new kelp salad LTO Thursday the 13th. Gold! Just what I have been advocating – innovative product application executed by a national chain will raise the awareness of sea vegetables in the U.S. Shared the news with members of my Tribe and then checked out Sweetgreens. Extensive time consumption! Exited Twitter to check my inbox and review the latest information feeds (e.g., culinary, technology, retail, etc.). I will not bore you with details, but before I made significant progress, in less than one hour, my brain communicated with me that I had the beginnings of AIS.

Are you experiencing AIS?

1 thought on “AIS (Aggregating Information Syndrome)

  1. Yes, and because we continue to aggregate information coming at us all day long, it’s a challenge to remain focused at times when focus is required! But best tip out of today’s blog… Twitter Lists! I’m not a big Twitter user, but that might change now… thanks, I think.


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