COVID-19 Domino Collapse – Miles & Points


Airline analysts are forecasting a slow revival for business travel. Business travelers comprise 10 percent of all passengers, but account for 55 to 75 percent of major airlines’ profits worldwide. Other travel business lost revenue – lodging, car rentals, food & beverage, etc. What about the impact on family vacations?

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What is the correlation between business travel and family vacations? Accumulated frequent flier miles and lodging loyalty program points. Most business travelers revealed they have enjoyed being off the road and spending more time with their family. But, until business travel regains traction again, business people will not recoup the benefits they otherwise would have received for frequent travel during the pandemic. Under normal circumstances, most of these benefits are put against their family vacations. Consequently, another COVID-19 Domino Collapse will diminish family vacations – lodging, meals, rental cars, recreation revenue, etc.

One more COVID-19 Domino Collapse – Disneyland visits!

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