A Special Day


Back in September, I interviewed my Mom who is a centenarian. The article, posted on LinkedIn, received its fair share of buzz. People wanted me to interview her again. She decided to pass until this morning to talk about Sunday, a very special/memorable day for her family. 

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Moi: Our interview in early September received some good buzz from members of my Tribe. I wanted to discuss your spin on computers and technology, a major transformation you witnessed in your lifetime, but you opted for breakfast instead. I know you did not want to continue with a series of follow-up interviews, but I cannot help but get you to open up about Sunday, a very special day in family history.

Ma mère: I’ve had my coffee and baguette. Go ahead.

Moi: Does Sunday rate as one of the great moments of your life?

Ma mère: Absolutely! Way up there. I got to witness my eldest grandchild get married. All thanks to technology, Zoom. I am extremely happy for Emily, proud, plus I really like her husband Matthew. And yes, I know, if it were not for technology, I would have missed the whole wedding since it was in Connecticut, and I am unable to travel.

Moi: We have had our fair share of technology conversations. Specifically, the power of telecommunications. Do you see the role Zoom will have in our COVID World?

Ma mère: Yes, but I will be politically correct. The big picture is I am extremely happy for Emily and Matthew. However, realistically, I am sitting here in France, the coronavirus is continuing to spike everywhere. As I indicated in my interview, people are only concerned about their own turf. Zoom will enable people to put a mote up around their protected bubble, observe “social distancing”, stay healthy. To me, conversations will become diluted and something will get lost in translation.

Moi: Good point. What do you think will get lost in translation?

Ma mère: For starters, people’s interpersonal skills. Missing body language cues. But hey, my first Zoom experience was great. Unbelievable! Watched my Emily get married. However, it made me realize that your grandma Rosie was very wise when she said: “You live long enough, you see it all.”

1 thought on “A Special Day

  1. I’m happy that Eleanor was able to see her granddaughter get married… those moments are special, and so many of those moments have been lost this year. And now we have a glimmer of where she gets her wisdom from. Cheers!


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