My favorite centenarian shared an interesting thought last night.

“Amazing how many troublesome events I have witnessed that have happened to the world. Localized to a degree. A very long list. However, the pandemic is the only event I have experienced that has happened to the whole world at once.”

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Mom’s long list:

  1. The Great Depression.
  2. World War II topped off with The Nuclear Bomb.
  3. The Holocaust.
  4. Never-ending genocide – Cambodia, Rwanda, Serbia, etc.
  5. Countless wars – Korean, Vietnam, the numerous Middle East wars.
  6. Memorable historical tipping point events – assassinations (JFK, RFK, MLK, Rabin), 9/11, the Arab Spring, the Berlin Wall, the Cuban missile crisis.
  7. The Great Recession.
  8. Migrants drowning in the Mediterranean and washing up on beaches.
  9. Children separated from their parents at the U.S./Mexico border.
  10. Mother nature – earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, wild fires, etc.

As she indicated, a very long list. She also added: An unruly era of painful memories! And now we usher in a new era, the COVID World.

1 thought on “COVID World

  1. All quite true but Nicholas Kristoff reminds us of great advances globally like reducing world wide poverty, reduction of diseases like crippling polio, and I add great humanity and heroism. After all we defeated Hitler, and technology which enabled you and mom to “attend” her granddaughters wedding!

    Sorry can’t post



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