Food Inequality

My google search this morning uncovered the average cost of food per month for the typical American household (2.5 people) is approximately $550.

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What is the relevancy of this trivial stat? A sign!

Back in May I posted Share of Collectibles which detailed some statistics about the wealthy further highlighting income inequality in the U.S. Earlier this week I read an article concerning another prime example of income inequality. A new food-away-from-home trend has surfaced in California. Prominent high-end chefs who lost substantial revenue due to the Covid pandemic shuttering their restaurants or the fire damage which damaged wine county have found a new venue for their operations. Resorts (north of Los Angeles or Mexico) thanks to their indoor and outdoor space normally utilized for banquets (e.g., weddings). One chef in Ojai Valley orchestrated for 44 guests a 13-course meal complete with wine pairings from the renowned Krug Champagne house and Harlan Estate. Gastronomes paid $999.00 per ticket for the dining experience.

$999.00 per ticket! A lot of groceries for the typical American household (2.5 people) as I stated in my Blink. Food inequality, a byproduct of income inequality

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