In recognition we are going to have to learn to live with the coronavirus, government officials globally suggest we use personal “social responsibility to maintain safety.” “Social responsibility to maintain safety?” Candidly, I am shocked to see how swollen the beaches are here in Cannes.

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A COVID-19 Update from France:

Throughout the pandemic like everyone I know, I have been trying to stay informed. Needless to say, virtually a full-time job. Back in September 2020 I watched on NHK TV (Japanese cable) an interview with Italian writer, physics PhD Paolo Giordano who published a series of essays “How Contagion Works.” His interview (note: I highly recommend watching) still resonates for me, especially when I observe the crowds flowing to the beaches here in Cannes. He compared the coronavirus contagion stage to an infected marble hitting and bouncing off several marbles resulting in a chain reaction where the newly infected marbles in turn hit and bounce off more marbles. We are experiencing this chain reaction with the insurgence of the highly contagious Delta variant. Consequently, France is experiencing a fourth epidemic wave of the coronavirus. President Macron instituted, a “health pass” for residents containing proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test to gain entry to most indoor venues including bars and restaurants. His goal was to place restrictions on the unvaccinated; 3.7 million people booked vaccine appointments in the week following his announcement. Regardless, despite being outdoors, all I envision is all the marbles stacked up on the beaches and at some point, the marbles on holiday will get thirsty or have to eat, thus patronize restaurants and café along the Bord de Mer hopefully with the proper documentation.

Scientists still do not fully understand the recent escalation of Delta variant infections globally given how highly transmissible it has been. Consequently, vaccination is the daily “buzz du jour.” In Europe, public opinion polls indicate overwhelming support for vaccines being the only way out of the pandemic. In the U.S. political differences have put numerous states on divergent paths. Yet daily, I read articles referencing the difference in inoculation rates between the E.U. and U.S like it is a competitive race. I strongly advocate globally we need to get on the same page so there are no infected marbles out there, especially as travel opens up.

Opinions welcomed!

5 thoughts on “Marbles

  1. Jim: A couple of thoughts:
    1. Marbles slow down – covid doesn’t; so maybe you should specify “motorised” marbles
    2. The (certainly “A”) big issue is to be a “good citizen” – whether a good local citizen or a global citizen. Have some care for others

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  2. Thank you for sharing COVID news from France. I like to hear from people who are experiencing it first hand, vs. the media.
    I would say here in the US (Southeastern area specifically), hesitancy to take the vaccination is not only political at this point. I know several in the medical field who refuse to take it. African Americans are also slow to take it as well. Last, but not least, is the Millennials and GenZ group. They don’t feel they need one because their age group is not at risk. Just this week I interacted with a 20 something who told me the only reason she was getting the Vax was because she wanted to visit her sister in NY. Currently, in NYC you have to show a vax card to dine in restaurants/bars. Her associate said she got the first dose and is now pregnant so she won’t be getting a second. They both felt one type of vax was better than the other because they knew someone who had a bad reaction. On and on it goes…
    I personally think it will go a long way once the FDA gives final, full approval. But the misinformation out there is spread by every day people too. That is much harder to stop and/or break through.


  3. Social responsibility requires unselfish behaviour. From where I sit, about 20% of the general population exhibit nothing but selfish behaviour. For the greater good of the world in terms of health and economic outcomes, it is high time the government’s of the world aligned their marbles and mandate vaccinations for all who can be vaccinated. The focus could be then shifted to vaccination manufacture, distribution and delivery. Do our government’s possess the will and the fortitude, to shut down noise generated by the minority, for the benefit of all?


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