A Village No Longer?


Questionable geopolitics have been dominating the news lately. Makes me think about Hillary Clinton’s 2016 children’s book It Takes a Village.

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The premise of Clinton’s book was a story about diverse communities globally coming together to make a difference. People working, living together in harmony to make a better village. Many villages coming together can make a better world and build a better life for one another. Together we can change our world.

Show me the harmony:

  • During the cognition stage of the pandemic, we definitely witnessed how interconnected the world was. Now during the vaccination stage, we are experiencing a global supply chain disconnect. The leading pharmaceutical companies are in control and world leaders have failed to step in, establish policies, thus upper-middle income countries have received an estimated 80 percent of the vaccine doses. Low-income nations have been left out in the cold creating more global inequalities indicating world leaders have not put together a comprehensive plan. Consequently, we incur the risk of not ending the pandemic or preparing for the next coronavirus pandemic.
  • The Indo-pacific alliance is mutating impacting the future of who is aligned to counter China’s aggression. The recent Australian-British-U.S. nuclear submarine deal angered France who claimed they were not kept in the loop. They were already building low-enriched uranium nuclear submarines for Australia compared to the highly enriched propulsion fueled submarines outlined in the new deal. In addition to French President Macron’s fiery response, other members of the European Union questioned the alliance casting doubts about America’s commitment to diplomatic relations with Europe/NATO and long-term nonproliferation.   
  • Natural gas prices in Europe are going through the roof resulting in a rise in in household electric utility bills, as well as disrupting some industries. Some experts are attributing the energy crisis to Russia manipulating supply to pressure Europe to signoff off on a new giant pipeline given Russia is currently its reliable major supplier.   
  • The Iron Dome, the Israeli-American defense system/alliance does not bode well to advance the cause of potentially a peaceful two-state solution and might only further incite Hamas to continue their rocket attacks.
  • Climate change, climate change, climate change!

Above I have outlined a short list of disruptive geopolitics. My hypothesis, A village no longer. Right now, there appears to be no harmony. Why?Geopolitics lacks global leadership like an orchestra without a conductor.

Opinions welcomed!

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