Innovative Planetary Technology


Sometimes I experience bouts of tech skepticism. We are constantly reminded technological innovation improves our lives. I am concerned about the dark side of technology (social bubbles, social media toxicity) we need to regulate. Today I am pragmatic; technology is being utilized to solve our planet’s health and environmental issues.

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The World Economic Forum’s report Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for the Earth released in 2018, proclaimed AI (Artificial Intelligence) was poised to resolve some of the planet’s major issues in real time – energy efficiency, ecological conservation and climate change. Thanks to the pandemic surging on, add humankind’s health to the list of major issues AI will advance to make every day living on the planet better. Today I would like to address two areas which pique my interest:

  • Crisis Management Monitoring Systems – As the coronavirus continues to surge globally, health officials are utilizing digital mapping tools known as geographic information systems (GIS). When correlated with demographic factors, the geospatial data produced assist health officials with their Covid-19 vaccination delivery campaigns by identifying vaccination deserts. GIS has proven to be very beneficial in low- and middle-income countries.  
  • Precision Agriculture – AI driven data help farmers grow more crops with fewer resources to maximize yields and minimize spending. Some specific applications: A.) labor automation (e.g., AI robots), B.) soil management systems (sensors) for irrigation, fertilization; and C.) drones for collecting and analyzing data in real time for crop protection and harvesting.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Planetary technology, specifically AI (Artificial Intelligence) is still in its relative infancy and gearing up to revolutionize the management and operations of our planet’s major issues in real time. However, we must be patient as we adapt to our new Covid world and recognize we will experience the growing pains associated with a lengthy technology learning curve.

Innovative Planetary Technology – Tomorrow is Now!

1 thought on “Innovative Planetary Technology

  1. A.I. gives us information… we still need humans to work together to take smart actions to actually get to resolutions. These great tools in the right hands can do great things!


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