Toxic Turvy


Recently I forwarded an article to a friend about the risk of imposing sanctions on Russia if they invade Ukraine. Specifically, I asked him whatever happened to Hillary Clinton’s concept we live in a global village working in harmony.

Read on for my friend’s response.

Read On:

“What about all the disharmony here in the US as another example. NOT A F*#$%*G THING is getting done in Congress and thousands of Republicans dying needlessly because they won’t get a vax or boost.”            

Good point, but candidly now that I live in Cannes, I feel so disconnected to what is happening in the States. I am more in tune with what is happening in my own backyard here in the E.U. Back to Russia invading Ukraine to accomplish Putin’s policy to further weaken Western democracy and NATO. Potential outcomes:                                                          

  • Disruptions to the global financial systems.
  • An increase in food prices given both nations account for 29% of wheat exports.
  • An energy crisis in Europe given Russia will be in the driver’s seat to manipulate their supply of natural gas given they are currently Europe’s reliable major supplier.  
  • Strange bed fellows – China and Russia.

Back in early October I posted A Village No Longer? detailing geopolitical turbulence as of 10/7/21 and examining Hillary Clinton’s 2016 children’s book It Takes a Village. Her hypothesis being diverse communities globally coming together to make a difference. People working, living together in harmony to make a better village. Many villages coming together can make a better world and build a better life for one another. Really! Here we are four months later, we are still in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, trying to combat climate change thus ward off a total environmental collapse and now Vladmir Putin is stretching Russia’s global power. Show me the harmony!  My perspective: Unfortunately, further validation we live in a toxic turvy world.             

Opinions welcomed!

3 thoughts on “Toxic Turvy

  1. Thanks(?) for including my comments. The world’s toxicity have grown exponentially in recent years, starting well before Covid. Covid has simply brought out the worst in mankind around the world. What will it take to reverse the trend?


  2. We also live in a cyclical world (‘what goes round, comes round’). Perhaps not totally cyclical, more of a spiral (‘history doesn’t repeat itself, it rhymes’). Twenty / thirty years ago we seemed to be living in some sort of harmony – now we don’t. We will get back to something like harmony in time. The danger is that we blow up (or get blown up) in the meantime and slow down the harmonising process by decades (or even centuries). Expect the worst; hope for the best.


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