Kudos to Notpla


Back in August 2020 the London-based startup Notpla caught my attention. I was delighted to learn last week they won the prestigious Earth Shot award for environmental innovation. Notpla has developed innovative packaging materials from seaweed Congratulations Notpla!

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The United Nations projects there is 400 million tons of plastic waste per year, half of which is single use. I have addressed this issue in the past how our planet is choking on plastic. Notpla believes their products will compete directly with and replace plastics in the future. Their innovative packaging products are entirely biodegradable and can be utilized in a bubble sachet to hold liquids/condiments, a coating for food containers and paper for the cosmetic and fashion industry. Currently Notpla’s one noteworthy success story is their strategic partnership with Just Eat to launch a seaweed-lined box for takeout food in lieu of plastic boxes.

Today will my last seaweed post of the year. The more I learn about kelp, I am amazed how versatile the earth-friendly algae seaweed is and the significant role it will play in planet earth’s future – a source for nutritious food products, a carbon neutralizer to offset the impacts of environmental change, an innovative way to replace plastic packaging materials and a potential source for energy (e.g., biogas and ethanol).  

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