Great tool! I am not talking about for opening bottles of wine. Rather an evaluation process taught to me by my leadership guru Wally Graham to improve future performance.

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The process entails asking four tough questions after completing a project or passage of time.

  • What happened?
  • Why did it happen?
  • What did I learn?
  • What would I do differently next time?

I share this process with you today since I know this is a reflective time of year. We are looking back on 2022 which is now behind us – family, friends, work, experiences. We are busy assessing the road ahead, 2023.

For The Record: I still like to use a corkscrew as a tool to open a bottle of wine, especially when I begin to ask myself the four corkscrew questions. Trust me, the evaluation process is really enjoyable with a good glass of wine. Try it some time.

6 thoughts on “Corkscrew

  1. Thanks Jim:
    Corkscrewing an event, a meeting, or significant activity is such an easy thing to do to help an individual or group learn from the things they do. I learned it at Frito Lay from guys named Wilts Alexander and Herb Stokes, who were our high performance teams coaches at the Frito Lay Casa Grande Plant. That facility won Food Engineering Magazine “1985 Plant of the Year Award”. It was a tool used at the end of every meeting to help us reinforce the techniques of “Action Learning”. Forty years after it opened, the Casa Grande facility is still at the top of Frito Lay’s list of high performing operations.

    Happy New Year- Continue learning to learn


  2. What a great and timely post! Deploying the Corkscrew sounds so much better than conducting a “post mortem” and much more fun that the boring old “after action report”. Wishing you and all your readers a safe and fantastically happy 2023! Let this be the year of open minds, building bridges and thicker skins! The best solutions come from people with different ideas coming together toward a common purpose. Happy New Year!


  3. And if I have to chose one of your 4 corkscews (because I can only handle one thing at a time), I always go for the the third one: ‘What did I learn?’

    A Happy New Year to you, Jimmy, and to your ‘readers’. Keep the thoughts coming in 2023


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