Cubicles 2.0


SMARTKETING’s original business model is still relevant; coordinate a home-based business plugged in from anywhere. Candidly I feel I have been working remotely from Day One. Regardless, I still follow workplace trends, especially how they have morphed thanks to the pandemic. I have posted about Zoom. Time for an update.

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Over the holidays I finally caught up on my backlog of saved articles. One article which piqued my interest was about a new movement in interior office design. Pre-pandemic a majority of the work places were open air (a.k.a. cubicles). Workers found them to be distracting; the noise level and lack of privacy. Then the pandemic hit and white-collar workers abandoned offices in mass to work remotely. Post pandemic offices came out of dormancy, but when workers, thanks to adapting to utilizing video conferencing (Zoom and Team meeting) found the noise level of open-air offices intolerable.

Enter some creative interior design firms who were already selling innovative privacy booths/capsules targeting noisy, open-air offices. Enter, close the glass door behind you and stay focused thanks to no noise. Modular in design, these stand-alone pods can be assembled on site, expanded or adapted to accommodate one or several people complete with screens embedded in the wall for video conferencing. Sounds like future offices will be a room full of phone booths. Claustrophobic?

Opinions Welcomed!

1 thought on “Cubicles 2.0

  1. My friend Lisa Britz, an architect in California, was featured in The NY Times for her work for G
    oggle to design these innovative spaces.


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