Save the Planet Lingo


I enjoy when I make my daily rounds on LinkedIn and find a great piece of information (a.k.a. keeper). Link to a thought-provoking article written by Robert Wheatley, brand strategist, CEO of a Chicago-based lifestyle agency providing a list of new climate change jargon. Nomenclature which resonated for me.

Read On:

  • OvershootWorrisome! Climate change experts predict we will surpass the global threshold goal 1.5° Celsius established by the United Nations’ Paris climate agreement to prevent irreversible climate damage. Warning! The experts indicate overshooting the increase in global temperatures by half a degree would have serious consequences.
  • Greenhush – I have addressedgreenwashing a common marketing ploy utilized by companies to get their customers thinking they are an environmentally concerned entity. Greenhush is a new term created to describe companies choosing not to publish sustainability content/polices out of apprehension their emissions mitigation efforts will be viewed as insufficient.
  • Real Zero – According to a study published by the leading global information technology and consulting company Accenture, only 34% of the 2,000 corporations they monitor, are committed to a Net Zero initiative/pledge. Net Zero classified as cutting greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible, with any remaining emissions re-absorbed from the atmosphere by oceans, forests, etc. Unfortunately, some climate experts predict at the current pace a majority will still miss their target They recommend corporations should focus on Real Zero for planetary health – the true reduction of their output should be the focal point of their emissions mitigation strategies versus being dependent on purchasing carbon offsets or capturing carbon.

This past year, thanks to studying/observing the escalation in consumer interest regarding sustainability, specifically in the food industry, my company’s area of specialty, I have coined an original term: “Holistic Health Consumerism.” A new subdivision of consumers who embrace both personal and planetary wellness which is influencing their overall purchase behavior and lifestyle.

Opinions Welcomed!

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