Playgrounds – #SavethePlanet


Playgrounds is a topic which piques my interest and have posted about several times. I once praised Helle Nebelong, the prominent Danish landscape/nature play spaces architect. Today I would like to give kudos to the French city of Strasbourg’s Canopy Plan.

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Back in November of 2020 Strasborg began to redesign select playgrounds to address/fight climate change. They started by greening their surfaces which were primarily mineralized and waterproofed for functional reasons (ease of maintenance). In addition, they revegetated the playgrounds. The immediate result were community pockets of cooler temperatures. The city also envisioned reinventing playgrounds was a way raise awareness and function as an educational tool for climatic and environmental issues, as well as foster biodiversity to strengthen the social fabric of communities throughout Strasbourg. An excellent example of the doctrineTo build a better world, start in your community.”

Opinions welcomed!

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