Strawberry Fields Forever


Over the weekend I read about a new varietal of strawberry called the Koyo berry another prime example of Innovative Planetary Technology (a.k.a. Precision Agriculture) which is a baby step solution contributing to an improved sustainable foods system.

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The Koyo berry is cultivated by the company Oishii in three vertical farms utilizing technology to make their growing process more efficient. Robotics in conjunction with traditional Japanese farming methods result in each harvest using less energy and water. In an old post I wrote about a company in Japan (GRA Inc.) which grew a premium graded varietal under the Migaki Ichigo brand. Their success can be attributed to tabulating growing conditions data and using AI for implementing a precision agricultural process.

Every week I read about innovative sustainable foods solutions which are designed to contribute to better planetary health. I am optimistic all these solutions will add up and have a major positive impact on the future of agribusiness.

Innovative Planetary Technology – Tomorrow is Now!

1 thought on “Strawberry Fields Forever

  1. Commercializing these solutions at scale is the real challenge. Several companies here in the US are investing in vertical agriculture. Scalability for optimized ROI is the challenge.


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