Innovative Food Waste Solutions

Blink:                                                                                                                                          Food waste in America is a topic about which I am deeply concerned.  I last provided an update a little over a year ago.  Recently I read about several innovative food waste solutions that piqued my interest which I want to share with my readership today.

Read On:

  • Transfernation is a NYC-based online platform that connects corporations which operate registered events with social institutions that feed the hungry. Bottom-line: They are making donating food easy.  When an event is nearing conclusion, organizers can utilize Transfernation’s app to notifying potential volunteers who will transport and deliver leftover food to shelters and food banks.  Their process reduces food waste.
  • Another app is Food Cowboy (founded in Washington D.C.) that uses geo-location technology to redirect discarded food from dumpsters to hunger relief groups.
  • Cerplus operating out of the San Francisco Bay Area focuses in on surplus recovery to reduce food waste – growers and food purveyors who want to reduce their loses are connected with buyers looking to reduce their costs utilizing produce that would otherwise go to waste.

I have just scratched the surface detailing some of the innovative food waste solutions that are being funded by venture capitalists across the country.  Combined, we should witness a significant decline in the overall statistic that 40 percent of America’s food supply is being wasted.

What are you doing to reduce food waste in America?

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