Save the Planet


AI (Artificial Intelligence) is rapidly becoming mainstream.  The World Economic Forum at their recent annual meeting in Davos detailed innovative technological opportunities that would solve our planet’s threating environmental challenges.  What will save the planet, AI or community?

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Answer: Both, interconnected.

Detailed below is a short list of identifiable areas AI will impact according to the World Economic Forum’s report Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for the Earth:

  • Management of future utilities, water and energy (e.g., renewables).
  • Monitoring systems that will identify the illegal depletion of valuable resources (e.g., oceans, forests).
  • Improved modeling/forecasting of weather and climate change that will eventually lead to better decision-making pre/post natural disasters.

It is clear, AI is poised to support a more energy efficient world, improve ecological conservation and confront climate change in real time.  However, after all the data is crunched, I firmly believe the human factor, as in community will also be essential to save our planet.  Back in 2017 I stated in two posts, Community and A Community Tale “To build a better world, start in your community.” 

Start participating in saving our vulnerable planet!

7 thoughts on “Save the Planet

  1. Jimmy

    You are correct. As human beings we cannot (I believe, we must not) outsource responsibility for our environment.



  2. Jimmy,
    Thanks for educating us about AI’s future ability to preserving our planet.

    I believe that we are in this mess because of human nature. Because we have the capability to make more, we do. And because more is there, we buy. We buy more than we need. We need relatively little. We can’t help ourselves. We need AI to override human nature.



  3. Excellent point to ponder Jimmy. I believe technology will continue to advance, therefore it is inevitable that AI will play a part in managing careless environmental, etc. paractices. Or, for that matter, of our particular species’ ability to survive. This last part I say because I don’t believe it’s the ‘planet’ that needs saving. This rock will persist just fine. It’s the chance for some of the life that dwell upon this planet that will struggle to survive. Humans included.


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