Warning: This is a disruptive blog post!

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I know I am not the only individual who believes that the word disruption has become exaggerated. Examples:

  • Companies no longer innovate; they implement disruptive innovation.
  • There are no longer niche food companies, there are only disruptive food companies.
  • The Big 3 consulting firms, McKinsey, BCG and Bain, are no longer retained to change organizations, they are bought in to disrupt organizations.
  • Working long hours no longer interferes with your personal life, it disrupts your personal life.
  • Your kids no longer exhibit bad behavior, they exhibit disruptive behavior.

In closing, why have I not read the word disruptive applied to climate change? Climate change is ominously disruptive!

2 thoughts on “Disruption

  1. You are so right, Jimmy. We need to consider that the “disruption” will continue as long as we don’t hear that climate change is disruptive.


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