Bon anniversaire – Forever Relevant 1/5/2020


Whoa! Mom is 101 today. Add COVID-19 to the haiku I wrote last year.

Chicago, IL 1/6/20

Stories, history – FDR to Donald

A remarkable adventure Eleanor!

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The centenarian marches on. More stories. Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Bon anniversaire – Forever Relevant 1/5/2020

  1. Wow! Happy b’day to your mom, Jimmy! So glad she’s well. I’m recalling her energy and charming personality when the three of us lunched on the Norwalk Harborside too long ago. Hope you’re well, too!


  2. There is an Expression in Greek for birthday Celebrations ” Na Ta Ekatostisis” which literally means “may you live to be 100” yrs old! Our Dear Eleanor has done that!

    Jimmy I wish you and mom, all the best in these trying times.
    My best always!


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